Join us SERVER STARTED 14.09.19 20:00 PL Time!
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  14 Sep 2019 - Server Start

Server Open
Long Term 
Please Share server to friends to get more people :) < then we stay long time 
when we have more online then more ppl can join from promoted websites where we buy promote.
have fun and Good luck 
when u download client u must give cancel to go login :) 
discord server

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  14 Sep 2019 - start longterm

Start Play and share server we start in 14.09.2019 : Time 20:00 Polish time
we make Evo with some rpg,with long term if we get people in the world,
Server Stability in Terms of D-Dos Protection
Server Start first Editon
14.09.2019,20:00 pl time
tibia 10.00

Offline training,regular Trainers with refilling stamina twice as fast,
Market in-Game so you can sell your items more quickly and more effectively
All Unique places

Events :
Capture Flag
Last Man Standing

Stages and other info
1 - 50 - 500x
51 - 80 - 280x
81 -150 - 50x
151 - 200 - 30x
201 - 300 - 7x
301 - 400 - 5x
401 - 500 - 3x

Skill Rate - 30x
Magic rate - 10x
Loot Rate -5x

Join Us and have fun , Guilds can get some points in start just send info in fanpage

shop in game 

if we get not enough ppl we make more lowest exp around 150 lv up to get more rpg and server will stay , we get adverstiments in and

we will promote server every week after start ,

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